How to get more readers on your blog with SEO?

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If you are interested in this kind of article, you’re probably a blogger or interested in blogging. Congratulations! You’re brave, and most importantly, you’re prepared to improve your current position on a blogging sky.

To be a blogger is not an easy job, especially nowadays, when YouTubers and Instagram influencers take the biggest part of a cake. Sharing thoughts, advice, and writing about important topics requires talent, takes lots of time, sweat, and tears, but what when your masterpiece can’t reach as many people as it deserves?

You need to make sure that people on the internet will find your blog when they search for the related topics. And for that, you’ll need different kinds of skills – the technical ones.

In this article, we’ll try to make that mission as easy as possible. We’re giving you some top advice on how to make your blog better positioned on search engines by using SEO.

Find the right topic and make a keyword research

If you’re writing about a specific industry be sure that many established bloggers already covered many of the topics that you’re familiar with. That’s why you need good keyword research – find the best topics you want to write about and target niche keywords.

Let’s get a little reminder: keywords are phrases 2 to 5 words long that internet users search on when looking for something on Google or other search engines. When you add keywords in your content it will be able to be found easier and in a specific field, using specific keywords.

In some ideal scenarios, you’ll choose the most popular phrases; the problem is, that the most popular terms and phrases are the most competitive ones, so you don’t want your blog to be lost in a sea with many other blogs of different topics. Instead of that, focus on some specific phrases and more words creating less competitive but still popular keywords people are using anyway. For example: instead of just ‘coat’ it’s better to use ‘green winter coat latest season.’

Your blog must have a value

All content you’re writing for your blog must have value, so the readers will be interested to read further and to keep coming back for more. That means you should focus on the quality of your blogs, not just quantity. Sometimes less is more, especially if you put quality over quantity.

Be sure your blogs have all the precious and useful information that the reader wants to see, and that content isn’t boring. Images have a big role – when you include them, your blog will become more dynamic, and it will be easier to read it. Images, paragraphs, subtitles – anything that can divide the text into several smaller parts that are easier to read is good because it will make it easier for the text to hold the reader’s attention. Also, quality content is more capable to incorporate keywords in the proper way which can easier bring more traffic to your website.

Optimize speed

Page speed is an important SEO factor for all search engines. It’s simple – users don’t like to wait for a web page to load, so if you have to wait, they’ll search for another website and probably won’t come back to you. There are many factors that can impact your page speed – usually, it’s unoptimized large size images, themes, plugins, or bad hosts of your website.

Hosting providers are extremely important for the proper work of a website especially because hosting solutions need to answer all website requirements. When you run a blog, you’ll need a basic hosting solution – check on Hostinger, it has optimized solutions for small and medium websites and tailored solutions for WordPress websites. If you eliminate hosting as a problem, large images may be a problem. The larger they are, the more time needs for them to load. Compress them with online tools or in PhotoShop.

Also, check your website theme – some plugins come with the themes but you don’t use them, so uninstall it and all the others you’ve installed once thinking that you may use them once.


More and more internet users today use mobile devices as search engines instead of desktop computers or laptops. That trend is especially represented in the young population, so everybody runs to make the mobile experience as good as the one on the desktop. Just think about Netflix – you can watch your favorite series on a mobile device and it’s perfectly comfortable. So why then your blog wouldn’t be mobile-friendly?

According to the latest results from March, the mobile version of the website becomes the primary version that has an impact on website ranking. Of course, both mobile and desktop versions are still in use, but mobile versions get some extra boost. Mobile SEO, therefore, is important to help optermise your blog across all devices.

Check how your blog looks on mobile devices, does text is easy for reading, and where are sharing buttons – can you reach it with one hand, etc. If it’s mobile-friendly, more people will read it, especially today when everyone is in a hurry and don’t use computers if they don’t have to.

Engage your blog on social media

Everybody is on social media today. Social media is a powerful weapon for spreading the good word. Depending on your blog niche, you can easily choose your primary social media where you can share your content linking to your website. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – there are endless possibilities of how you can present your content to be more interesting for users and motivate them to read further. You just need to find the perfect way. One more important thing: be sure that social media buttons are included on each of your blog posts making it easier for readers to share it on social media.

Competition is hard, that is a fact, but being a good blogger is harder – so don’t let your talent and desire to share your knowledge with others fall into the background because you don’t know how to present your work as it deserves. Constantly explore new possibilities, be curious and keep up with the latest trends in both writing and technological advances – because talent hasn’t a price, but knowing how to present helps a lot to monetize it.